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Series Championship Patterns

Open Breed Western and English Trail Patterns


Judging Specs: Horses must not be required to work on the rail. The trail class is judged on the performance of the horse over obstacles, with emphasis on manners, response to the rider, and quality of movement. Credit will be given to horses that: negotiate the obstacles with style and some degree of speed, provided correctness is not sacrificed; show attentiveness to the obstacles; display high quality of movement and cadence. Horses shall be penalized for: any unnecessary delay while approaching or negotiating the obstacles; artificial appearance over obstacles.

Open Breed Ranch Riding Pattern:


Judging Specs: Ranch riding is a pattern class where each horse and rider perform the pattern individually. There is no rail work. The purpose of the ranch riding class is to measure the ability of the horse to be a pleasure to ride while being used as a means of conveyance from performing one ranch task to another. The horse should reflect the versatility, attitude and movement of a working ranch horse riding outside the confines of an arena. The horse should be well-trained, relaxed, quiet, soft and cadenced at all gaits. The ideal ranch horse will travel with forward movement and demonstrate an obvious lengthening of stride at extended gaits. The horse can be ridden with light contact or on a relatively loose rein without requiring undue restraint, but not show on a full drape of reins. The overall manners and responsiveness of the ranch riding horse to make timely transitions in a smooth and correct manner, as well as the quality of the movement are of primary considerations. The ideal ranch riding horse shall have a natural head carriage at each gait.

Open Breed Ranch Trail:


Judging Specs: The Ranch Trail class should test the horse’s ability to cope with situations encountered while being ridden through a pattern of obstacles generally found during the course of everyday ranch work. The horse/rider team is judged on the correctness, efficiency and pattern accuracy with which the obstacles are negotiated, and the attitude and mannerisms exhibited by the horse. Judging emphasis is on identifying the well broke, responsive, and well-mannered horse which can correctly navigate and negotiate the course. The ideal ranch trail horse should have a natural appearance from head to tail in all maneuvers.

Open Breed Showmanship:


Judging Specs: In Showmanship classes, the junior exhibitor is judged on his/her ability to present and show a horse in the ring to its greatest advantage in such a manner as to overcome any conformation faults. Judging is based on: 50% Presentation of the horse and showmanship skills; 40% Condition, grooming and fitting of the horse; 10% Appearance and grooming of exhibitor.

Open Breed Pattern Level One and Two:

Academy Pattern Class Walk and Trot:

Academy Pattern Class Walk/Trot/Canter:

Saddle Seat Equitation Championship:

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